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View Resource STATS Issue 48 Fall 2007

This issue contains articles about steroids in baseball; finding ways to make learning statistics fun; an interview with Joan Garfield about Statistics Education; an introduction to response surface methodology; and a look at the vocabulary used in experimental design.
View Resource STATS Issue 45 Spring 2006

This issue contains articles about binomial confidence intervals; the team effect in stock car racing; using multiple tests (one-sample t-test and sign test); the ?two-envelope exchange paradox? (similar to the Monty Hall problem) with discussions of expectation, likelihood, and inference; regression line vs. trend line; calculations of standard normal table values and pi; teaching at a small...
View Resource **Chance Teaching Aids

This is a site that contains a number of types of material that can be used in teaching about chance and probability. Lesson plans, syllabi, suggested activities, and data sets are available. The data sets contain interesting information for students such as: quarterback passing rating data, baseball streaks, and baseball salaries that can be used to illustrate means, medians, etc.. The site...
View Resource StatPrimer

This is a collection of notes that covers many topics typically included in introductory and/or intermediate statistics courses. The notes are in PDF format, and each is followed by a set of exercises (with most answers included). The site also includes some tables and a link to a StatTable calculator.
View Resource Quote: Bernard on Experimentation

"In the philosophic sense, observation shows and experiment teaches." This is a quote by French physiologist Claude Bernard (1813 - 1878). The quote is from his 1865 book An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine as translated by Henry Greene (the first printing of this english translation was in 1927 by Macmillan).
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