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View Resource Standard Errors

This table gives the sample statistic, population parameter, population standard error, and sample standard error functions for mean, proportion, difference between means, and difference between proportions.
View Resource Analysis Of Categorical Dependent Variables With SAS And SPSS

This tutorial contains SAS and SPSS instructions for categorial analysis techniques such as logistic regression and probit regression including models for ordered or unordered multiple choices. Key Words: Multinomial Logistic Regression; Conditional Logistic Regression.
View Resource Bureau of Labor Statistics

This page from the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data and statistics on Inflation & Consumer Spending, Wages, Earnings, & Benefits, Productivity, Safety & Health, International Labor, Occupations, and Demographics. Data is in Excel, html, or pdf format.
View Resource STAT LABS: Data

These datasets come from the book "STAT LABS: Mathematical Statistics Through Applications." Below the link for each dataset are descriptions of the variables for that dataset. Datasets are in text format and address topics such as maternal smoking and infant health, video games, radon, cytomegalovirus DNA, HIV, crab molting, voting, snow gauge calibration, down syndrome, and tape drive quality.
View Resource Reserve Bank of Australia

This is the homepage for the Reserve Bank of Australia. Browse data by Alphabetical Index of Statistics, Statistics by Frequency of Publication, or Bulletin Statistical Tables.
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