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View Resource Statistical Tools: Two Arm Binomial

This page calculates either estimates of sample size or power for differences in proportions. The program allows for unequal sample size allocation between the two groups.
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Normal

This page calculates either sample size or power for a one sample normal problem. User inputs hypothesis test parameters.
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Nonparametric Survival

This page calculates either estimates of accrual or power for null and alternative survival functions based on the non-parametric estimate of the survival distribution. The program also gives large sample expected critical values for median survival or survival probabilities.
View Resource Statistical Tools: Expected Death Calculator

This page calculates the expected number of deaths, the expected proportion of deaths at a given time, or the time at which a given proportion of deaths have occurred for a planned study. Users can specify a follow-up period after the close of study accrual and a percentage of patients that have no risk. The program assumes uniform accrual and exponential survival.
View Resource Statistical Tools: Frequency Table

This page calculates the standard Chi-square test stastistic and Kruskal-Wallis statistic for data input by users.
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