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View Resource T Probabilities

The applet in this section allows you to see how the T distribution is related to the Standard Normal distribution by calculating probabilities. The T distribution is primarily used to make inferences on a Normal mean when the variance is unknown. If the variance is known inference on the mean can be done using the Standard Normal. The user has a choice of three different probability expressions...
View Resource Correlation

The applets in this section allow you to see how different bivariate data look under different correlation structures. The Movie applet either creates data for a particular correlation or animates a multitude data sets ranging correlations from -1 to 1. The Creation applet allows the user to create a data set by adding or deleting points from the screen. This page was formerly located at http...
View Resource Factorial Calculator

This page will calculate the factorial of any number.
View Resource Bayesian Calculator

This page uses Bayes' Theorem to calculate the probability of a hypothesis given a datum. An example about cancer is given to help users understand Bayes' Theorem and the calculator. Key Word: Conditional Probability.
View Resource Statistician Careers, Jobs, and Education Information

This site provides career and job highlights for statisticians, a statistician career overview, statistician career training information and job qualifications, job opportunities, and historical earnings information.
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