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View Resource Against All Odds: 11. The Question of Causation

In this free online video program, students will learn that "causation is only one of many possible explanations for an observed association. This program defines the concepts of common response and confounding, explains the use of two-way tables of percents to calculate marginal distribution, uses a segmented bar to show how to visually compare sets of conditional distributions, and presents a...
View Resource Against All Odds: 12. Experimental Design

In this free online video program, students will learn that "statistics can be used to evaluate anecdotal evidence. This program distinguishes between observational studies and experiments and reviews basic principles of design including comparison, randomization, and replication. Case material from the Physician?s Health Study on heart disease demonstrates the advantages of a double-blind e...
View Resource Against All Odds: 13. Blocking and Sampling

In this free online video program, "students learn to draw sound conclusions about a population from a tiny sample. This program focuses on random sampling and the census as two ways to obtain reliable information about a population. It covers single- and multi-factor experiments and the kinds of questions each can answer, and explores randomized block design through agriculturalists? efforts t...
View Resource Against All Odds

The Against All Odds video series provides an extensive introduction to statistics. It consists of 26 half hour video episodes that include lecturing on statistical topics, animations of statistical topics and video of real world examples. The series is available online or can be purchased on VHS video tape. The statistical material in the series was supervised by Dr. David Moore and...
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