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View Resource Least Squares Regression

This Unit Plan contains 9 lessons about interpreting the slope and y-intercept of least squares regression lines in the context of real-life data. The applet included allows students to plot the data and calculate the correlation coefficient and the equation of the regression line. Students will view the data in tabular, graphic, and algebraic form and will be able to discuss and display their...
View Resource Shrinking Candles, Running Water, Folding Boxes

This activity allows students to look for functions within a given set of data. After analyzing the data, the student should be able to determine a type of function that represents the data.
View Resource Explorations with Chance

In this lesson, students examine probabilities of outcomes. Cast in a gamelike context, reasoning about probability can be stimulated by questions of fairness. Students will predict and determine the fairness of games, then learn how to make an unfair game fair. They will organize and conduct an investigation, including empirical observations and theoretical analyses.
View Resource Exploring Linear Data

Students model linear data in a variety of settings that range from car repair costs to sports to medicine. Students will construct scatterplots of two-variable data; interpret individual data points; make conclusions about trends in data, especially linear relationships; and estimate and write equations of lines of best fit.
View Resource Illuminations: Birthday Paradox

This lesson plan uses the Birthday Paradox to introduce basic concepts of probability. Students run a Monte Carlo simulation using the TI-83 graphing calculator to generate random dates, and then search for matching pairs. Students also perform a graphical analysis of the birthday-problem function. Key Words: Permutations; Explicit Function; Recursive Function; Modeling.
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