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View Resource Selective Attention: Gorilla Video

This video is an example of what is known in psychology as selective attention. When a person is instructed to only focus on the number of times a ball is passed between players wearing a white shirt it is sometimes difficult to see what else is going on.
View Resource Statistical Applets: Correlation and Regression

This applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers can affect the correlation and least-squares line. Users can input their own data points and then try to fit a line to the data and see how the sum of squares changed. The user can then also see what the lest-square line is for that set of data.
View Resource Transformations

This applet allows you to see the effect of various transformations on the relationship between two variables. The site lets you input your own data or allows you to choose from one of the given sets. The site also gives you instructions and excercises.
View Resource Statiscope

This applet allows the user to input data for which the applet will list the sum, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, the minimum, maximum, quartile 1, quartile 3, and the median. The user can choose to display the distribution, probability mass, density plot, box plot, stem and leaf plot , and a data listing.
View Resource Least Squares & Data Fitting

Allows the user to select points on a grid, select the degree of the polynomial, and provides the resulting regression equation.
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