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View Resource Data Applet

Perform some simple data analyses: Basic statistics, histograms, "split" histograms, scatter plots, and regression calculations. Data sets are provided within the applet. (You must select the data set and then choose "Accept Data Set.")
View Resource Probability & Correlation Games

This applet includes three games: Monty Hall, Poker Hands, and Matching Correlations. For Monty Hall, choose 1 of 3 boxes; click "Open" to reveal an empty box. Keep or trade your box to try and win the prize. The applet records wins and losses. Click "Cheat" to see where the prize is. For Poker Hands, click on a sample size button to simulate drawing 5 playing cards. The applet records the...
View Resource Racing Game with One Die

This applet allows the user to simulate a race where the results are based on the roll of a die. For each outcome of the die, the user chooses which player moves forward. Then that car moves forward the given number of spaces. Users can experiment with the race by determining which player will win more often based on the rules that they specify.
View Resource Monty's Dilemma

Explains Monty’s Dilemma and allows the user the run an applet to simulate it with up to 1000 doors. To run the source code, change the extension to .java.
View Resource Normal Probability Calculation Demonstrations

The applets on this page, from "Seeing Statistics," demonstrate calculations related to the normal distribution. Users can calculate z-scores and probabilities under the curve and see the area they are calculating.
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