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View Resource Statistical Reasoning I Course Lectures

This website contains a collection of lecture examples on topics such as describing data, Stata, sampling variability & confidence intervals, paired t-test & hypothesis testing, comparing means, comparing proportions, and survival analysis.
View Resource History of Statistics

This site contains links to documents with information about the history of statistics and statisticians. Topics include the statisticians Bayes, Huygens, Carlyle, Laplace, Legendre, Pascal, Quetelet, de Witt, Simpson, some of their works, and more.
View Resource Introduction to Probability

This introductory probability textbook, freely available here in pdf format, emphasizes the use of computing to simulate experiments and make computations. A set of programs that go with the book and the answers to the odd-numbered problems are also available from this site. Chapter headings include: Discrete Probability, Continuous Probability Densities, Combinatorics, Conditional Probability,...
View Resource Statistics Preprints

This site lists articles written on various statistical topics by professors at UCLA. Each article listing has a link to the abstract and full text.
View Resource Getting Started with SPSS for Macintosh

This tutorial introduces the statistical software SPSS for Macintosh users. Topics covered include: Preparing Your Data, Descriptive Analysis, SPSS Output, Correlation, Simple Linear Regression, T-test, and One-way Analysis of Variance. The tutorial is availiable in html or pdf format.
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