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View Resource Using Statistics Effectively in Mathematics Education Research

Funded by the National Science Foundation, workshops were held over a three-year period, each with about twenty participants nearly equally divided between mathematics educators and statisticians. In these exchanges the mathematics educators presented honest assessments of the status of mathematics education research (both its strengths and its weaknesses), and the statisticians provided...
View Resource Introduction to Probability

This website is provides an online text version of Grinstead & Snell's "Introduction to Probability" as well as supplemental reference information.
View Resource 7 Things You Should Know About Clickers

This reference resource explores the use of clickers, or personal response systems, in the classroom. Main points of discussion include what clickers are, who is using them, what makes them unique, why they are considered significicant, the downsides, and teaching and learning implications.
View Resource A Brief Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

This pdf text file gives a short introduction to the methods of Bayesian inference. It gives a simple example that deals with jumping a paper frog. The topics listed in this document include: An example, comparison of frequentist and Bayesian methods, credible vs. confidence intervals, choice of prior and its effect on the posterior distribution.
View Resource M&Ms Quality Control: A Chi-Square Analysis

This is my take on the ubiquitous M&Ms counting activity. Each student records the color proportions in a fun-size bag of M&Ms. We pool the class data and run a Chi-Square goodness-of-fit test to determine whether or not the color proportions match those claimed on the manufacturer's website. We consistently find that the proportions do not match. The blue M&Ms, in particular, are...
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