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View Resource STATS Issue 48 Fall 2007

This issue contains articles about steroids in baseball; finding ways to make learning statistics fun; an interview with Joan Garfield about Statistics Education; an introduction to response surface methodology; and a look at the vocabulary used in experimental design.
View Resource STATS Issue 49 Winter 2009

This issue contains articles about Karl Pearson (150 years after his birth); finding more ways to make learning statistics fun; simulating capture-recapture sampling in Excel and by hand; common misconceptions in statistics; a correlation-based puzzler and a STAT∙DOKU puzzle.
View Resource Mathematica Overiews

This site contains several videos about how to use Mathematica and how to teach with Mathematica.
View Resource Minitab Theater

This site contains a small collection of videos about how to use Minitab.
View Resource STATS Issue 51 Fall 2009

This issue contains articles on: The advantages and pitfalls of using online panel research, including a discussion of improving data quality and designing the survey research strategically, sequential sampling and testing in a ?simple against simple? situation, including a description of Abraham Wald?s historical and theoretical contributions to the theory, and R code for running simulations,...
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