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View Resource Regression Activity

This activity focuses on basic ideas of linear regression. It covers creating scatterplots from data, describing the association between two variables, and correlation as a measure of linear association. After this activity students will have the knowledge to create output that yields R-square, the slope and intercept, as well as their interpretations. This activity also covers some of the...
View Resource Sample Survey Activity

This activity stresses the importance of writing clear, unbiased survey questions. It explore the types of bias present in surveys and ways to reduce these biases. In addition, the activity covers some basics of surveys: population, sample, sampling frame, and sampling method.
View Resource Quantitative Environmental Learning Project Data Set #50

This dataset contains information on temperature, precipitation, and weather stations for 48 states. The data is available in Excel and rich text formats.
View Resource **Simulating Confidence Intervals

This applet generates confidence intervals for means or proportions. The options for confidence intervals for means include ?z with sigma,? ?z with s,? or ?t.? The options for confidence intervals for proportions are ?Wald,? ?Adjusted Wald,? or ?Score.? Users set the population parameters, sample size, number of intervals, and confidence level. Click "Sample," and the applet will graph the...
View Resource The Heart of a Statisticianís Career: Relationships and Interactions

A statistician who works as a consultant shares information about his career and how he has learned to be more effective in the professional world in this September 2009 article in AMSTAT News.
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