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View Resource Using EDA, ANOVA and Regression to Optimise some Microbiology Data

This article describes a dataset containing information on bacterium culturing. Students can use graphical methods, one-way and two-way ANOVA, and multiple polynomial regression to estimate the optimal conditions for bacteria growth. Key Words: Analysis of variance; Exploratory data analysis; Interactions; Optimisation; Outlier.
View Resource The "Unusual Episode" Data Revisited

This article describes a dataset containing information on economic class of passengers and mortality rates from the sinking of the Titanic. The dataset can be used to foster statistical thinking by giving students the data and asking them to determine the source.
View Resource The Statistics of Poverty and Inequality

This dataset contains a number of variables like birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, and Gross National Product for 97 countries. Suggested activities are geared toward non-mathematicians and include exploratory graphical analyses to answer several central questions. Key words: boxplot, scatterplot, population growth
View Resource A Dataset that is 44% Outliers

This article describes a dataset of days in office of US Presidents with outliers that are not mistakes or unusually high or low observations. The data illustrate that outliers need not be errors but could be particularly interesting cases and that data displays may differ in their ability to reveal interesting data structure. Key Words: Inliers; Interpretation in context.
View Resource Readability of Educational Materials for Patients with Cancer

This article describes a dataset on the readability of booklets about cancer and the reading levels of patients with cancer. Students should be familiar with scales of measurement, data reduction, measuring center, constructing and interpreting displays, and reaching conclusions in real problems. Key Words: Ordinal data, Means, Medians, Histograms
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