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View Resource Brownian Motion Applet

This applet draws one-dimensional Brownian motion. Click the mouse in the window to start zooming. Click again to stop. Since Brownian motion is self-similar in law, all of the zoomed pictures look the same.
View Resource Gamma Process Applet

This applet draws a Gamma process (a stochastic process with independent increments X(s + t) - X(s).) Click the mouse in the window to start zooming. Click again to stop. The total increase occurs at a countable set of jumps. The simulation gives some idea of this.
View Resource Distribution Tables

Compared to probability calculators, the traditional format of distribution tables has the advantage of showing many values simultaneously and, thus, enables the user to examine and quickly explore ranges of probabilities. This webpage includes a list of distributions and tables, including the standard normal (Z) table, student's t table, chi-square table, and F distribution tables. An animation...
View Resource **National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Box Plot

An interactive box plot applet that allows users to put in their own data that is part of a large collection of platform independent, interactive, java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics and teacher education.
View Resource World Development Chart

This scatterplot lets users plot a number of demographic variables and see the log transformation of those variables for numerous countries and income groups. Users can also see the information for any year from 1975 to 2004.
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