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View Resource Physicians' Reactions to Overweight Patients

This case study assesses the question, "Do physicians discriminate against overweight patients?" This study indicates that, at least in one respect, they do. Concepts: t-test, means, boxplots
View Resource Weapons and Aggression

This case study addresses the question: "Does the mere presence of a weapon increase the accessibility of aggressive thoughts?" It concerns the following concepts: quantile and box plots, stem and leaf displays, one-sample t test, confidence interval, within-subjects ANOVA, and consequences of violation of normality assumption.
View Resource Case Teaching Notes for "Markov vs. Markov"

Teacher instructions to accompany "Markov vs. Markov" case study found at
View Resource Full Factorial Example (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

This section in the Engineering Statistics Handbook takes a data set and walks the user through analysis and experimental design based on the data.
View Resource Markov vs. Markov: Divorce by the Numbers

This case study explores statistics on divorce rates using Markov chains. Two closely related statistics are presented: the chance of divorcing in a given year and the chance of divorcing over the lifetime of a marriage. Accompanying teacher instructions are found at
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