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View Resource Sufficient Statistics

This page introduces the definition of sufficient statistics and gives two examples of the use of factorization to prove sufficiency.
View Resource BGIM : Maximum Likelihood Estimation Primer

This set of pages is an introduction to Maximum Likelihood Estimation. It discusses the likelihood and log-likelihood functions and the process of optimizing.
View Resource Resampling Statistics: Randomization and the Bootstrap

This set of pages describes software the author wrote to implement bootstrap and resampling procedures. It also contains an introduction to resampling and the bootstrap; and examples applying these procedures to the mean, the median, correlation between two groups, and analysis of variance.
View Resource Spearman's rho

Gives a very brief explanation of Spearman' rho and how it differs from Pearson's r.
View Resource Myth and Reality in Reporting Sampling Error

This article gives a description of typical sources of error in public opinion polls. It gives a short but insightful explanation of what the margin of error indicates as well as other common errors in opinion polls.
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