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View Resource DISCUSS: The Binomial Distribution

This module introduces the Binomial distribution, explains its derivation, and uses Excel spreadsheets to show graphs, provide examples and exercises, and demonstrate the Normal approximation.
View Resource DISCUSS: Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using SpreadSheets

This collection of modules uses spreadsheets to teach statistical topics like Charts and Graphs, The Binomial Distribution, The Poisson Distribution, Sampling, Regression and Correlation, Buffon's Needle, Coupon Collecting, Critical Path Analysis, Sampling Methods, and Dice.
View Resource **Classifying Statistics Problems

This JAVA applet assists the user in developing skills to classify a problem as one of the various types of confidence intervals, hypethesis tests and Chi Squared tests. This is not an easy application, but the comprehensive hints provided will improve the users skills in making such classifications.
View Resource Webinar: Putting Your Spotlight on CAUSEweb

Submitting your spotlight presentation from USCOTS 2005 to CAUSEweb is an easy process, and you are in a prime position to submit your work! What better way to have your work showcased than in a peer-reviewed repository of contributions to statistics education? This Webinar from January 2006 provided an opportunity to talk about how to prepare your USCOTS spotlight for submission to CAUSEweb and...
View Resource Webinar: Using StatCrunch as a Computational Tool in Introductory Statistics

This recording of a web seminar (webinar) provides a tour of StatCrunch. StatCrunch ( is a freely available Web-based data analysis package. StatCrunch has all of the routines required for introductory statistics and many more. The software also offers pedagogical features such as interactive graphics. Many of these capabilities are discussed and demonstrated by StatCrunch...
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