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View Resource Star Library: An Unusual Episode

This article describes an activity that illustrates contingency table (two-way table) analysis. Students use contingency tables to analyze the ?unusual episode? (the sinking of the ocean liner Titanic)data (from Dawson 1995) and attempt to use their analysis to deduce the origin of the data. The activity is appropriate for use in an introductory college statistics course or in a high school AP ...
View Resource Rock Fries Your Brains

This exercise uses descriptive statistics to analyze a data set about how rats respond to rock music vs. classical music.
View Resource The Statistics of Hiring

This short article discusses how the comparative ratios of the tails of normal distributions can result in bias in hiring practices. It contains a link to an applet that shows the comparative tail probability ratios.
View Resource Flying Bomb Hits on London

This project examines the randomness of clusters using the Poisson Distribution. Using Microsoft Excel, the activity simulates the bombs of London and examines the occurences per cell to estimate lambda.
View Resource Mrs. Smart's AP Statistics Assignments

This site provides a set of daily activities with subjects including Chi Square Tests for Goodness of Fit, Chi Square Tests of Independence, and Hypothesis Tests Practice. To use the computer, rather than the physical game, a "Pass-the-Pig" game simulator can be found at
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