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View Resource Simulation of the t-distribution

The t-distribution activity is a student-based in-class activity to illustrate the conceptual reason for the t-distribution. Students use TI-83/84 calculators to conduct a simulation of random samples. The students calculate standard scores with both the population standard deviation and the sample standard deviation. The resulting values are pooled over the entire class to give the simulation...
View Resource Psych 431 Latent Variable Models

This course website provides materials for teaching and learning path analysis. Materials include Regression Review, Introduction to Path Notation, Standardized Path Models, Unstandardized Path Models, Matrix Algebra, and many SAS programs.
View Resource Survival Analysis

This Biostatistics course in Survival Analysis contains links to PDF and text reference materials as well as SAS and Excel files. Homework is also provided in PDF documents.
View Resource Introduction to Quantitative Methods

This course webpage contains 7 lessons for introductory statistics. Each lesson introduces a new statistical topic, provides datasets for exploring concepts, links to instructions for using statistical software, links to online statistical calculators, and provides homework assignments. Topics include: Introduction to Statistical Methods; Graphing & Tabulating Data; Describing Central Tendency,...
View Resource Hypothesis Test Exercise

This exercise checks users hypothesis testing skills. Poems by the same author have on average 6.9 new words with a standard deviation of 2.7 words. A new group of poems has on average 8.2 new words. Were these new poems written by the same author? A calculator is provided which calculates probabilities and quantiles for the binomial, normal, Poisson, t, F, and Chi-square distributions.
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