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View Resource Normal Probability Calculation Demonstrations

The applets on this page, from "Seeing Statistics," demonstrate calculations related to the normal distribution. Users can calculate z-scores and probabilities under the curve and see the area they are calculating.
View Resource Random Babies Applet

This applet simulates randomly assigning newborn babies to families and measures the number of matches, or instances when a baby is assigned to its real family. The applet keeps track of each trial and records the information in a histogram. The idea is to teach theoretical values associated with random sampling. The relation website is a worksheet activity to accompany the applet.
View Resource **Central Limit Theorem Applet

This applet demonstrates the central limit theorem using simulated dice-rolling experiments. This experiment is performed repeatedly and outcomes are recorded and plotted in the form of a histogram. An article describing this applet and an alternate source for the applet can be found at
View Resource CUSUM: Computer Simulation for Statistics Teaching

The use of computers for simulation can be used not only to introduce CUSUM (cumulative sum) techniques but also to improve students’ understanding of statistical inference and decision making. This article describes the use of CUSUM (1977).
View Resource Virtual Manipulative: Box Plot

This is a Java Applet, which allows you to load your personal data and edit data. It provides interval and endpoint values and the option to view as a histogram.
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