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View Resource Descriptive Statistics Calculator

This page introduces various measures of central tendency and spread with an example on leaf size. Two descriptive statistics calculators are provided which compute mean, median, minimum, maximum, 1st & 3rd quartiles, standard deviation, and the 95% confidence interval for the mean and tests for normality. Users type in individual data points or copy and paste the entire data set. Key Words:...
View Resource Permutations or Combinations

This page allows users to calculate combinations or permutations of N items (up to 500) taken r ways (up to N). Permutations can be taken with or without repition. An example with poker hands and a table of poker hand probabilities is given to illustrate the concept.
View Resource HyperStat Online Statistical Analysis: Descriptive Statistics

This page computes a variety of descriptive statistics and creates a stem and leaf plot. Enter data in the text area, specify a delimiter (Space, Return, Tab, New line), and click "Compute". The page returns sample size, mean, median, trimmed mean, trimean, minimum, maximum, range, first quartile, third quartile, semi-interquartile range, standard deviation, variance, standard error of the mean,...
View Resource An Epidemic Applet

This simulation applet shows percent of infection over time for an epidemic. Users specify the number groups, the size of each group, the within group activity rate, the outside group activity rate, the number of initial infectives, and the number of time units.
View Resource Contingency Table Calculator

This page introduces contigency tables with an example on fruit trees and fire blight. Two calculators are provided that allow users to enter their own contigency table and test for treatment effects. The first calculator performs Fisher's Exact Test on a 2x2 tables. The second performs a chi-square test on up to a 9x9 table.
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