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View Resource Conditional Probability and Probability of Simultaneous Events

This site provides applets, lessons, and objectives for learning about conditional probability. The applet activity introduces multiple-outcomes events and computing probabilities.
View Resource Random Babies Activity

This worksheet activity teaches random sampling and theoretical probabilities by simulating the effects of randomly assigning newborn babies to their mothers. Students will perform trials and keep track of results, then use the information to deduce properties of random sampling. The relation website is an applet that simulates the process automatically.
View Resource ** Linear Regression Calculator

This Flash applet provides an introduction to simple linear regression for introductory statistics students. It combines a brief narrated animation with an interactive scatterplot function. Students are able to place points on the scatterplot by clicking with a mouse or typing X-Y coordinates. Students use these points to learn about the best fit line by placing a guess on the plot and...
View Resource Statistical Applets: Correlation and Regression

This applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers can affect the correlation and least-squares line. Users can input their own data points and then try to fit a line to the data and see how the sum of squares changed. The user can then also see what the lest-square line is for that set of data.
View Resource Probability & Correlation Games

This applet includes three games: Monty Hall, Poker Hands, and Matching Correlations. For Monty Hall, choose 1 of 3 boxes; click "Open" to reveal an empty box. Keep or trade your box to try and win the prize. The applet records wins and losses. Click "Cheat" to see where the prize is. For Poker Hands, click on a sample size button to simulate drawing 5 playing cards. The applet records the...
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